Sunday, December 8, 2013

English 9--12/11/2013

Jump Off
--Take out your "Comprehension Check: Author Biography" page from the end of last class.  Spend the first few minutes of class re-reading the questions and checking your answers/finishing your answers using the notes you took during the listening activity.

S. the C.
--Mr. Martin shares list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio--Would anyone like to schedule a meeting for a time slot during Mr. Martin's office hours (posted up on the front board)?
--The due date for submission is Friday, 12/20/2013 (a little over 1 week from today).  Time is running out.
--Reminder: Any writing piece that has already received a score of 80% or higher can be given back to Mr. Martin for submission ASAP.
--Reminder: The culminating assignment of the Odyssey Unit is writing a personal narrative in which you apply the monomyth formula to your own life/personal journey.  The sooner you begin coming up with ideas, the better (hence the "What it is in my journey" column of the monomyth notes document chart!).  If an idea strikes you, capture the idea in the column ASAP!
--go over the Jump Off--How will this information help us once we begin reading Homer's Odyssey?  How do learners succeed in circumstances where listening is key and, perhaps, instructors "read really quickly" or "talk way too fast" (the realities of the future that awaits many of you!)?
--agenda (standards?)/HW

--Clear your desks of all but a notebook and a writing utensil.  Date the page (12/11/2013) and label this section of your notes "Odyssey Unit Terms--Unofficial".

Activity #1 -- Odyssey Unit Terms Notetaking/Mini-Lesson
--for each example or set of examples from the text of Odyssey located on PowerPoint, attempt to define each of the four Odyssey Unit Terms (similar to what we do with the vocabulary unit readings [e.g., "Elephant Culture and Conservation"]) in your notebook
--after each term, share out so as to create working definitions on the white board
--notetaking (label this section of your notes "Odyssey Unit Terms--Official"): copy official definitions (verbatim?!) from PowerPoint into your notebook and compare the definitions to the "guesses" we just made using prior knowledge/logic--how did we/you personally do?!
--FYI: You'll likely notice similarities between today's terminology and the work that we have done with the monomyth!
--comprehension check (example given--heads down/hands up)

Activity #2 -- Story Time!: "The Judgement of Paris" via the Oral Tradition
--Minstrel Martin tells the story of "The Judgement of Paris"--students listen (and enjoy!?) 
--students jot down notes--Can you retell the story?
--a "brave, young minstrel" retells the story
--What is the "oral tradition"?
--How can you commit this information to memory (as that's the expectation!)?

Activity #3/HW Time -- A Brief Purposeful Reading: "The Trojan War"
--When I say "Trojan War", you think...--share out
--Transition -- pick up the reading from the front table
--Our Purpose: "Pick up" more information about the Trojan War (the "prequel", if you will)--use your best annotating skills!
--share out

--Take your "Learning Standards--Unit Items and Progress Self-Assessment" and "Learning Standards" documents out.  Mindfully add items to the "Learning Standards--Unit Items and Progress Self-Assessment" document based upon our last two classes (e.g., consider how you did on the questions about Homer and the comprehension check following today's notes).

--The due date for submitting a revised "The Lady or the Tiger?" Well-Developed Paragraph Response for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio is Friday, 12/20/2013 (a little over 1 week from today)--YOU MUST schedule a meeting with Mr. Martin to go over your revisions; simply handing in the revisions is unacceptable as per the protocol. When time permits, meetings can/will occur during class time.
--Continue thinking about your personal narrative--the due date will sneak up on you!  A good "baby step" would be thoughtfully filling in at least three of the boxes in the "What it is in my journey" column of the monomyth notes document.  Could you purposefully use an epic/Homeric simile somewhere within your narrative once you start writing?  Now is as a good time as any to begin thinking about your purpose as an author!
--If we do not get to or finish the reading titled "The Trojan War", finish reading and annotating the piece and reviewing your annotations prior to the beginning of next class.
--Study your notes from our work so far within the Odyssey Unit (the monomyth, Homer's biography, unit literature terms, "The Judgement of Paris", and "The Trojan War"), as Mr. Martin reserves the right to check on your knowledge/understanding at any time (hint, hint).