Friday, December 6, 2013

English 10 Honors--Block 4 "The Masque of the Red Death" Close Reading Assignments

Bumble Bee: Paragraph 8 ("But these other...and of disgust.")
Charley: Paragraph 10, Paragraph 11, and Paragraph 12 ("When the eyes...reddened with rage." and "'Who dares?' he...from the battlements!'" and "It was in...of his hand.")
Emily Greblok: Paragraph 6 ("But, in spite...he was not.")
Erin Ravioli: Paragraph 7 Lines 1-22 ("He had directed...strikes the ebony")
James Grey: Paragraph 4 Lines 21-40 ("at the eastern...amid the profu-")
Jane Doe: Paragraph 2 ("But the Prince...the 'Red Death.'")
Jolly Rancher: Paragraph 4 Lines 1-20 ("It was opened.  That")
King Kong Keesha: Paragraph 9 Lines 1-21 ("In an assembly...and gaunt, and")
Lizz: Paragraph 9 Lines 22-End ("shrouded from...the scarlet horror.")
Mickey Mouse: Paragraph 13 Lines 23-End ("the Prince Prospero...any tangible form.")
Mockingjay: Paragraph 5 Lines 17-End ("grew pale, and...tion as before.")
Peanut Wee-nut: Paragraph 5 Lines 1-16 ("It was in...that the giddiest")
Scysh Velociraptor Maloish: Paragraph 2 ("But the Prince...the 'Red Death.'")
That Guy: Paragraph 13 Lines 1-22 ("It was in...then, however, that")
Thumbelina: Paragraph 7 Lines 23-End ("clock which")
Xmus Jackson Flaxon Waxon: Paragraph 4 Lines 41-End ("sion of golden...precincts at all.")
x-wing@aliciousness: Paragraph 3 and Paragraph 14 ("It was toward...most unusual magnificence." and "And now was...dominion over all.")