Wednesday, November 6, 2013

English 9--11/7/2013 (1/2 Day)

Block 1  7:35-8:23
Block 2  8:34-9:22
Block 4  10:20-11:05

Jump Off
--Pick up the quiz titled "The Grammar Hammer--Comma Splice/Sentence Combining Assessment" from the front table.  Carefully read the directions; then, carefully complete the quiz quietly and independently.  Good luck!
--When you finish with the quiz, place the quiz in the black basket on the front table.  The rest of the class time is yours to:
  • work on finishing/improving your "The Lady or the Tiger?" Well-Developed Paragraph Response, as the assignment is due at the end of class
  • submit your paragraph (if you have already finished/when you finish) and work on assignments for other classes quietly and independently ("Study Hall")--staple your planning and any drafts to the back of the final copy of your paragraph
  • complete a "gist reading" of Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game," a short story with which we will deal more specifically next class.  You can find this story on page 39 in the orange literature books located in the back of the classroom.  Do not take a book home with you--you can access the story at this web address so long as you have internet access:

S. the C.
--clarification of post-quiz directions (after all students have finished taking the quiz)/HW

Writing Workshop/Study Hall/Optional HW Time
--Reminder: Logical steps for success on this type of writing task (well-developed argumentative paragraph in response to a question):
  1. Come up with a basic answer to the question based on numerous readings and discussion.
  2. Add to this basic answer by asking why--why have I arrived at this particular answer?  Your basic answer with focus words becomes your topic sentence(s)!
  3. Engage in purposeful re-reading of the text and any notes taken--find the evidence that will make the reader believe that your answer (your CLAIM...your ARGUMENT) is "right". (Keep in mind that, by nature, your reader might be disagreeable. :))
  4. Organize your evidence--what will I use/how will I use it? Add additional focus words to your basic answer as necessary.
  5. Plug all of your "pieces" into the basic paragraph structure.
  6. Write your paragraph, bearing in mind M, D, O, L, and C.
  7. RE-READ and re-write (if time permits).
Mandatory assignment:
--Enjoy your 1/2 days and the weekend!
Optional assignment:
--Complete a "gist reading" of Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game" as preparation for our work with the story next week.