Wednesday, June 7, 2017

English 9--6/8/2017


--The English 9 Final Examination will take place on Tuesday, 6/20 during the 11:10 AM - 2:10 PM time slot.  Continue preparing for a successful performance via the review sheet and information sheet, materials in your binder, etc.
--Complete and turn in a one-pager or follow through on your book-talk arrangements by 3:00 PM tomorrow (Friday, 6/9) if you are deciding to earn credit for free reading the past two marking periods.
--If you signed up to bring something in on our final class day together (Monday, 6/12), make sure to follow through:
  • Block 1
    • Tatum S.--waffle maker
    • Jasmyn S.--waffle batter, chocolate chips
    • Alyssa P.-A.--Ready Whip, syrup, strawberry jelly, creamer
    • Flynn--yogurt
    • Mackenzie G.--rolls
    • Cara M.--potatoes, catsup, hot sauce
    • MaKenna W.--cookies, apron
    • Mr. Martin--Brummel and Brown, butter, coffee, and coffee accoutrements
    • Jesse N.--coffee maker and coffee?
    • Storme S.--Hawaiian Punch
    • Grace K.--Goya, popcorn maker
    • Mady--plates
    • Anthony M.--napkins
    • Ollie O.--forks
  • Block 2
    • Nina M./Kimmy S.--pizza plans?
    • Adam B.--popcorn, baggies
    • Grace B.--cookies
    • Mike H.--beverages
    • Brooklyn K.--plates
    • Mr. Martin--napkins
    • Patrick S.--hand sanitizer
    • Ben H.--cups

--I need you to turn in school materials (e.g., Divergent) ASAP.  Also, if you have any other books in your possession that belong to me, I need those back as well!

Film -- Neil Burger's Divergent
--view the film