Monday, August 15, 2016

Rough Notes--Planning for School Year 2016-2017

--preview the idea of slant and bias and the importance of awareness of from where information is coming--with each Article of the Week, provide a quick blurb about the source
--use a variety of argumentative pieces as choices for first Article of the Week after first making some claims about the end of summer, pop culture, and opinions:
  • Pokemon Go--something about how "ridiculous" it is?
  • Ryan Lochte--something about how he is a liar, entitled, immature, and giving the United States a bad name?
      • Information about Forbes:
  • TwentyOnePilots--something about how the band has "sold out"?
--use Kelly Gallagher's "Nerd Alert: Reading is Good for Your Health" article as an Article of the Week prior to informing students about Free Reading Course Component (add to sheet created by GB and modified by me accordingly)
--check this out: