Wednesday, January 6, 2016

English 9--1/15/2016

Jump Off
--Pick up the Unit #5 vocabulary quiz from the front table.  Make sure to carefully read all of the directions.  Complete the quiz quietly and independently. Good luck!
--When you finish with the assessment, place your work in the black basket on the front table.  Then, spend some time looking over your copy of the Prologue as final preparation for the next part of today's class block. 

S. the C.
--list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio shared:
  • Would anyone like to schedule a meeting for a time slot during my office hours (posted on the front board)?
  • The due date for submission is the end of the day TODAY (3:00 PM)!

--trade and grade--scored assessments returned to test-takers for self-reflection purposes--scored assessments collected
--prologue recitation in pairs

Public Speaking Activity #1 -- Prologue Recitations (First Five Lines [or More!])
--volunteers first, then cards drawn

Group Work/Mini-Presentation Preparation Activity -- The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet--Background Information
--"anchor in" to the "Compact for Group Work" via the poster located in the front of the classroom
--Transition--get back in groups from last class
--prepare a brief presentation to share with the rest of the class
--When preparing/practicing your mini-presentation, keep this information about content and these seven public speaking tips in mind:
  • Content
    • Your presentation must have a planned opening and closing and share essential information based on answers to questions/information in charts, but you should not just read from the sheets!
    • The information shared should be evenly split amongst group members (all must speak), and smooth transitions from speaker to speaker are expected.
  • Delivery (Public Speaking Tips)
    • Pause/smile in front and gain the attention of your audience before speaking.
    • Speak loudly enough to be heard by all.
    • Speak at an appropriate speed (NOT TOO FAST).
    • Speak with enthusiasm.
    • Make clear attempts at eye contact to ALL parts of the classroom.
    • Limit vocal fillers ("umm", "ahh", long silences, etc.)--NO MORE THAN 3-5 PER MINUTE.
    • Limit distracting body movements (podium tapping, hair smoothing, etc.).
--Pick up a copy of the sheet entitled "Background Information Mini-Presentation Notes" and read the directions at the top of the page.

Introductory Activity/Mini-Presentations/Public Speaking Activity #2 -- The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet--Background Information
--presentations as per guidelines above/notetaking

HW Time -- Memorizing the Prologue
--quiet and independent work time (paraphrasing, repetition of lines, writing lines in own handwriting, etc.)

HW (Take-Home Assessment/Class Preparation)
--Memorize the first ten lines of the Prologue by the beginning of class next time (Wednesday, 1/20), and be ready to demonstrate your memorization in class when I draw cards for oral recitations.  Remember that if you are able to recite the entire Prologue on Wednesday, an additional 100% quiz score will be factored in to your Marking Period 3 GPA, and your "Initiative" soft skills report will be positively impacted!
HW (Class Preparation)
--Review your "Background Information Mini-Presentation Notes" page prior to next class, as an upcoming assessment is quite possible!
--Try to read your free reading book for at least 10 minutes between now and next class.  Your book must be finished by mid-March.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS!
--Enjoy the weekend--you only get so many of 'em!
--Work toward achievement of your S.M.A.R.T. Goal?!

On the backburner:
  • A Paragraph's a Paragraph's a Paragraph instruction (if necessary)
  • Break down model paragraph together (if necessary)