Sunday, April 6, 2014

English 10 Honors--4/8/2014


*While you read, Mr. Martin will be around to return your "Lord of the Flies--'Marked for Greatness' On-Demand Writing" pieces*

Jump Off
--The focus of today's brief discussion is clarifying the meaning of "marked for greatness" as a literary concept and applying the concept to the following characters/settings: Ralph (D.D. and J.M.), Jack (___ and ___), Piggy (K.L. and S.N.), Simon (___ and A.K.), the birthmarked face boy (S.M. and ___), and the island (J.W. and S.B.).  Take out your notebook so that you can jot down some notes for future reference.

S. the C. 

Discussion -- "Marked for Greatness" in Lord of the Flies
--"marked for greatness"--what it is vs. what it is not (Mr. Martin)
--discussion as per the J.O. list
--HW Time

--Purposefully/actively read Chapter Five of Lord of the Flies as preparation for analysis/discussion next class.
--Bring something good that you want to read to class again next time in case we get another opportunity to independently read.